Director - Animator Yuri Norshtein

Dear friends!


Culture is our common homeland, it is beyond political barriers. It gives a clear idea of perfection, it makes us focus on the world, offers a sympathetic view, it helps to make out in a small particle reflection the enormity of life, it draws our sympathy for others’ grief and for the tormented sparkling eyes of a pregnant dog lying in the dust, it helps us discover the sky and learn to hear the soothing rustle of the leaves, the noise of a stream, and someone’s singing voice. Culture connects one person to another and then there is no need to explain what kindness is. It extends our consciousness beyond our existence.



Dear friends! Your festival is courageous opposition to destruction and misfortune. Any pieces of art, whether they are chants, fresco or painting, or a well-developed stool, sewn shoes or a film shooting, infuses our souls with the fullness of being.



Your festival is the smile of love. It is easier to restore the bombarded houses than to cure an emotional shock at the sight of twisted life. Your festival is a spiritual healer, capable through justice, hope and beauty of life to restore peace of mind.



I congratulate all of us on the first animation festival in Nikozi and I wish it to have a long life and have clever, attentive viewers.



Goodness and joy to all the participants of the festival!


Yuri Norstein, Director-animator




2011 year, september