A partnership memorandum was signed between the Nikozi and the Dresden international film festivals in Berlin. The memorandum was signed after a 6-year-long cooperation between the film festivals and it is a proof of the Nikozi International Film Festival gaining recognition and access to the European Market. The partnership memorandum was signed by a representative of the Dresden International
Animation is one of the finest forms of art. In the hands of an artist animation can turn into a supreme art that touches the souls and hearts of human beings…   I have dedicated seven years of my life to animation arts as an cartoonist. Then my life took a different direction and I returned to animation only after I arrived to minister at Nikozi. There I’ve organized a small
Dear friends!   Culture is our common homeland, it is beyond political barriers. It gives a clear idea of perfection, it makes us focus on the world, offers a sympathetic view, it helps to make out in a small particle reflection the enormity of life, it draws our sympathy for others’ grief and for the tormented sparkling eyes of a pregnant dog lying in the dust, it helps us discover t


Nikozi Festival – Festival of Open Hearts

Митрополит Исаия создает мультфильмы вместе с детьми, пережившими войну в Грузии 

ანი­მა­ცი­ის ფეს­ტი­ვა­ლი შიდა ქართლში  



ნი­ქო­ზის ანი­მა­ცი­უ­რი ფილ­მე­ბის ფეს­ტი­ვა­ლი

03-08.09.2012 Грузия. Анимационный фестиваль в монастыре Никози 


ანიმაციური ფილმების საერთაშორისო ფესტივალი ნიქოზში

Ре-анимация любви (Re-animation of love)


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Dominante Ockerfarbe (Germany)

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