The European Festivals Association's Arts Festivals Summit 2018 will take place from 11 to 14 April in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Hosted by the Ljubljana Festival, the Summit will include the 66th EFA General Assembly, EFFE MeetUp and the opening of the Slovenian Music Days.

In 2017, International Committee of the Association of European Festivals awarded the status of an exceptional quality to three Georgian festivals; One of them was International Animation Festival “Nikozi” and two other Georgian Festivals that were named among the best European Festivals are: Mikheli Tumanishvili International Festival “Gift” International Music Festival
Dear friends!   Culture is our common homeland, it is beyond political barriers. It gives a clear idea of perfection, it makes us focus on the world, offers a sympathetic view, it helps to make out in a small particle reflection the enormity of life, it draws our sympathy for others’ grief and for the tormented sparkling eyes of a pregnant dog lying in the dust, it helps us discover t