The  Festival "Nikozi" completely excludes the concept of competition. It’s not important how long ago the film was produced. We want to unite the creator/the artist with the highest level of creative thought. The festival is not simply a showing of films; the filmmakers will present their work, creating a the specific atmosphere that reflects the theme and tone of their film. The Festival will create discussion about the art of animation and cinema. The most interesting presentations may be published in a separate edition.

We would be very interested in viewing films by animators from various countries, become acquainted with talented artists, and invite them to the festival.  Please request an invitation through our website.

We welcome the seasoned directors, as well as the beginners, and their varied works, showcasing the beginning of individual creativity.  Although commercial success is not that important for our festival, that doesn’t mean that there can be no commercial films in the festival.

It is important to note that the Festival is being held at the monastery, on the initiative of the head of the diocese. Therefore, although festival promotes and encourages the artistic freedom, it is of an outmost importance that presented works be in compliance with the above mentioned position.   

Please leave the application of interests on our website as a confirmation of your interest.  After the work of the selection committee is completed, as in accordance with the rules of the festival, the authors/artist or their representatives of selected films will receive an invitation from the organizing committee.

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to receiving your films.

Please apply by email, including:

Full name (first name and surname)

Country of residence and citizenship

Short biography (age, education, work)


Link(s) to your work on the internet

If your work is not on the internet, please let us know how we can become acquainted with your work.

Kindly also provide us with your contact information, telephone number(s) and mailing address.