THE ANIMATION FILM STUDIO “ANIMOUSE” (Russia)   Art directorNATALIA ORLOVA   Producer TENGIZ SEMIONOV   THE GIRL WHO HAD CUT HER FINGERDirector EDUARD BELYAYEV2010, 13 min. Clay transfer, 3D Giantess Mojryhpah has caught girls when they were picking berries. Not all the girls managed to escape – the giantess brought the little one to her home. Little as she
IRINA KODIUKOVA (Belarus) Director, scriptwriter and animator She studied animated cartoon art at Kiev Scientific Film Studio in 1974-75. In 1981 she graduated from The Belarus State University the faculty of philology. Her debut was held at movie studio “Mosfilm” in 1987 (experimental creative union “Debut”). In 1988-91 she worked at Animation film studio ABC (Minsk).   Films: Retold for