Here you can find the schedule of 6th International Animation Festival NIKOZI
6th International Animation Festival "NIKOZI" will be held in september 01-06, in a small village of Nikozi. Directors and animators from well-known animation festivals will attend and participate in the festival. Festival is organised by Eparchies of Nikozi and Tskhinvali and Film Center - "Georgian Film Abkhazeti". You can find the booklet of the 6th festival here.
NIKOZI 2015 Program 1 September 14:00 -Festival opening 17:00 – Performance„About Happyness...” 2September 11:00 -Norman McLaren.NFB(Canada) 14:00 - Olivier Caterin(France) 16:00 - Irina Kodiukova(Belarussia) Studio “Animouse”(Russia) 17:30 - Shadow Theatre“Budrugana – Gagra” 3 September 11:00 -Annecy Festival(France) 14:00 - Dok Leipzig Fest
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