ფესტივალის სიახლეები

Dear guests and hosts, greetings!

Existence of the cultural space, such as International Animation Film Festival Nikozi is of outmost importance. This festival makes it possible for people to meet and have dialogue, cooperate and build friendships.

Some may say that our village is located in the edge of the world – just like many other remote villages – but I want to thank you for making contribution into existence our cultural space and helping us believe that village Nikozi is not just one ordinary remote village, but rather, it is the very center of the universe.

We are deeply convinced that the barbwire and trenches that were put few meters away from Nikozi During 2008 war – will be overcome! Creating environment that will allows dialogue, cooperation, open relations, mutual respect, support, friendship and love – will make this happen.

With God’s blessing, may there be such centers of the universe in many places.

With kind wishes and respect,

Metropolitan of Nikozi and Tskhinvalი, Isaia

საკონტაქტო ინფორმაცია

გორი სოფ.ზემო ნიქოზი 
ს/კ 204570062
სს „საქართველოს ბანკის“
ცენტრ. ფილიალი
ბანკის კოდი: 220101502 
ანგ.#: 230468200 



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